The Management Style of Jim Chaisson – President of Fletcher Jones Hawaii Region

 Jim Chaisson

From the beginning

Jim Chaisson started his career in the automotive industry 30 years ago when he owned his own 7 dealership franchise in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jim withdrew from his role over his franchise to step up to his first position at Fletcher Jones as the General Manager for the Nevada dealership. 6 years later, he was promoted and asked to leave the city that never sleeps for a new adventure that would take place on the ever so perfect island of Hawaii. Here, Jim would oversee all 5 Fletcher Jones dealerships as head of the Hawaii region. Jim loves where life has taken him and has tasked himself with creating a place where employees can make a life for themselves and deliver the very “best or nothing” always.

“Attitude is Key, and it Starts With Me.”

Being able to deliver the “best or nothing” means having the right kind of attitude and Jim knows that it all starts with him. When asked what being a leader means to him, Jim had a very encouraging response; “Being a leader to me means that you’re responsible for empowering others. ‘Others’ for me is my team. I believe that if my team feels empowered they will want to do their best which will always transform into a wonderful experience for both them and our guests.”

Employees are our ohana

To help support a good working environment where employees can feel appreciated and join the team in long term fashion, Jim likes to promote from within the company and lives by the motto “Family first and our employees are our ohana.”

The End Goal

“My goal is to lead my employees into a career path that they will be proud of. I want to see them happy and challenged. I want to see their hard work pay off for them and their families.” Jim believes there is a direct correlation between the dealership’s successes to the working culture that each dealership encompasses. “Each dealership has its own personality but they all work together as not only a team, but like a family too.” Since day one, Jim has worked hard to grow the accomplishments of his region, and with his hard work and with the assistance of his loyal team, together they have increased New and Pre-Owned car sales by 30% a number that is continuing to grow each year.

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