Summer Activities in Kona

Kona Farmers Market:

The Kona Farmers Market in Kailua Kona: Every Wednesday from 2pm until dark local vendors come together in one place to sell their handmade or hand cropped goods. Here you will find an assortment of beautiful jewelry and fun souvenirs that are less expensive than the typical shops you would buy them in and around the Island. You will also find vibrant and exotic fruits that are so juicy you will want to take them all home! Visiting this local market is also a great way to meet and mingle with local Hawaiians and get to know the culture of the island a little more.

Night Adventure:

Ever thought about a night dive or even a night snorkel? On Kona’s coast you can do just that! Book a snorkel or dive adventure and swim with massive manta rays. These creatures have a 12 foot wing span and are totally harmless. The lights that you drive with attract plankton and the plankton attracts the manta rays. This is a once in a lifetime experience you will not want to miss out on.

Kona Brew Pub:

Have you ever sipped on a Kona beer? It’s tasty right? Well, while you are in Kona check this place out. They have brewery tours 7 days a week and it’s only $5 per person. Remember to book ahead and bring friends!

Beach Tree Bar:

You will not be disappointed dining at the Beach Tree Bar. The food is delicious, the service is exceptional, and the view is 5 star. Sip on a delectable tropical drink, listen to live Hawaiian music all while watching the sun set over the ocean. This is the perfect date night if you are looking for somewhere to take your special someone and trust us you will not mind splurging a little bit here. Don’t forget to make reservations because this is a popular spot.

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