Your Transmission is in Good Hands


When you own a Honda, it becomes an important part of your life. From taking the kids to soccer practice to getting things done around Kamuela, your Honda is a reliable and trustworthy member of the family. But for something that’s used so often for important tasks, it needs to be taken care of. For every mile you drive, you’ll want to make sure that everything is in working order, especially your transmission. Follow these tips to keep an eye on it, and count on Big Island Honda in Hilo & Kona for all your Honda service needs.

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Warning Lights

Your Honda should indicate to you when it detects a problem with the transmission. In all likelihood, it will probably be an issue with the temperature or fluid. Either way, when an indicator light goes off, bring it in to our service center.

Fluid Leaks

Ever pull away from your driveway and notice fluid on the ground? That may be transmission fluid, and it could indicate a problem. It could be worn seals or gaskets, damaged bell housings or out of balance drive shaft. Either way, it’s a good idea to get it checked out.


Transmission fluid has a sweet or tart smell to it, so if you notice any of those smells in or around your car, it is definitely time to get it looked at. Problems with your transmission aren’t worth waffling on. You’ll want to get it checked out as soon as you can to prevent more damage.


For manual transmissions, any abrupt grinding noises may indicate a problem. Buzzing, whining, or humming sounds can be a problem for automatic transmissions, and may signal poor shifting happening within the transmission. If you hear any unusual noises, avoid bigger problems by having your vehicle looked at.

Stop by Big Island Honda in Hilo & Kona for Trusted Honda Transmission Repairs

At Big Island Honda in Hilo & Kona, your transmission is in good hands. If you notice anything wrong or anything suspicious, make sure to bring it by one of our two Oahu dealerships. Our team of factory-trained and certified technicians will give your Honda the care it deserves, and if need be, we’ll get your transmission back in working order. Make sure to contact our service center to get anything you’re worrying about looked at, and then visit us in Hilo or Kailua-Kona for service!