Honda SmartCharge™: Save Green. Earn Green.

Honda Broods Over High Demand on Power Grids

Considering that electric vehicles sales will increase exponentially in the near future, the company has developed the Honda SmartCharge™ program as EVs are a significant part of their catalog’s saturation to reduce the demand.


What is Honda SmartCharge™?

Basically, Honda SmartCharge™ is a regulatory app and program that monitors electric and hybrid Honda vehicles charge. Not only does Honda SmartCharge™ alert its user when the vehicle’s charge is running low, but it will also monitor nearby prices, trends, and so much more! Go about your daily activities while your Honda model is plugged in for a charge, and Honda SmartCharge™ will send a push notification to your mobile app once the vehicle is fully charged:

EV Charging Costs Vary on Time of Day

With the highest during peak times, i.e. in the morning and at night, Honda SmartCharge™ will help decrease the power grid demand and help drivers find more ideal times to recharge their electric cars. It will save you so much money!


Honda SmartCharge™ App Offers Rewards for Charging EVs

Of course, Honda car owners won’t receive a ton of money from this, but the extra cash might persuade owners to charge at more optimal times. In terms of the payout, Honda Fit EV owners can receive up to $50 just for signing up and get $50 every two months after the duration of their participation.


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